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China Relong Facroty Direct Easy Fixing 2t Brick Unloading Workbrick Lift

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1. Less investment: Make full use of the existing transport vehicles in the brick factory to provide door-to-door renovation services.
2. Light weight: takes up less space and does not affect the number of bricks loaded.
3. Reduce labor intensity and easy to operate: ordinary people can operate it skillfully after a few days. Under normal circumstances,
the unloading operation of 30 square bricks can be completed in 30-40 minutes.
4. The bricks are neatly stacked on the construction site to improve the image of the enterprise.
5. Increase the number of daily transportation of vehicles, reduce the expenses of unloading fees, and reduce the damage of bricks.


3. Technical Parameters & Selections:

 The parameters are just for reference. We will provide the machine according to your requirement.
2t Brick Unloading Work Brick Lifting Basket Truck Mounted Brick Crane

4. Application scenario:
Special loading and unloading crane series
Front Center Brick Handling Crane
Special loading and unloading crane for ton bags
Brick special fixture series

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