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CEM I 42,5 R – Portland Cement

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Product Description

Usage Area:

As per TS EN 197-1 standard, it consists of portland cement clinker and calcerous.  It is suitable for general use. It is appropriate to use it in the circumstances where the early mould must be taken (prefabricate applications). It is preferred in the cold weather concrete casting.

Technical Features: 

Provides High early and final strtengh.

Sector-Specific Advantages:

It offers high early and final strength in ready-mixed concrete production. Allows production with the high hydration heat it has under cold weathers.

Selling Type:

Bag, Bulk


D Dış Ticaret ve Danışman A.Ş.

Location: Tüm Türkiye

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About The Company

Company Description

C Foreign Trade Company is  subcompany of Ceceli Group. It based on exportation of high quality products which are produced in Turkey.

We are business partners with the top-quality manufacturers in Turkey and experienced trade companies around the world. In addition to the supply of goods and services, we are now a recognized partner not only by private entrepreneurs from all countries, but also by government entities.

Our Vision

Taking care of the interests of our customers and manufacturing companies which we consider as our business partners and providing the highest quality, service and products besides catching our own growth targets.

Our Mission

To make difference in our products and services, to keep in the forefront the satisfaction and trust of our customers and manufacturing companies and to move forward with our new products and services.

Our Strengths

  • Many years of experience
  • Respecting the “Win – Win” principle
  • Being always in search of excellence
  • Believing in universal values
  • Believing in service to humanity
  • Working with a young, dynamic and talented team
  • Being goal & solution oriented
  • Believing in customer satisfaction

Our Primary Principles

  • Taking care of rendering its customers always services of higher quality
  • Protecting our customers’ benefit
  • Ensuring efficient and reliable team work
  • Adopting transparent and law-abiding working principles

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