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Carpex Lastik Tamir Kiti Sprey 300 ml.

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Tire blown! The solution is only 1 minute ...

First an annoying sound, then your vehicle starts to wobble and the terrible surprise awaits you when you pull over: a tire blown! With Carpex Tire Repair foam, you can get back on your way in just 1 minute. Thanks to its special formula, it combines with the air inside the tire that explodes and allows you to continue on your way by inflating your rubberized liquid tire up to 20 psi. Keep one in the trunk of your car, don't bother bad surprises ...

Features of the product?

- It is a practical, fast and safe product.

- It repairs your blown tire with its rubberized liquid in contact with the air inside.

- Inflates your tire up to 20 air (20 psi) with the effect of tire inflation spray.

- It allows the troublesome and tiring tire changing process to be solved easily by using a spray.

- It is applied in a short time like 1 minute.

- It is a product suitable for personal use that does not require professionalism.

Where Do I Use It?

Carpex Tire Repair Kit Spray is used in repairing tires of all domestic and imported brands and models of cars, vans and motorcycles. Suitable for all wheel types.

How Do I Use It?

Shake the tube well before using the Tire Repair Spray. Place the hose of the product in the valve part of the tire and drain the chemical formation in the tube into the tire. Apply until the tire swells. Remove the hose and move the vehicle immediately so that the material is evenly distributed throughout the tire. You can easily continue on your way.

About Carpex

Carpex 100% Turkish capital of international quality car care and cleaning products, car, office and room fragrances, odor-producing machines and hygiene products is Turkey's leading and trusted brands.

About us

Turkey and signed a lot of innovation in the world, our company with Carpex auto brand in cleaning and maintenance group are produced in ISO 9001 and world standards. We export the products we manufacture to many countries of the world, especially to Europe. Our products are easily available in our internet sales channels.


Location: İstanbul

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About The Company


Türkiye'de ve dünyada bir çok yeniliğe imza atan firmamız, oto temizlik ve bakım grubunda Carpex markasıyla ISO 9001 ve dünya standartlarında üretim yapmaktadır. Üretimini yaptığımız ürünlerin başta Avrupa olmak üzere, dünyanın birçok ülkesine ihraç etmekteyiz. Ürünlerimiz internet satış kanallarımızda rahatlıkla bulunmaktadır.

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