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Carpex Fren Balata Temizleyici Sprey

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CARPEX BRAKE LINING CLEANER SPRAY Directions for Use: Shake before use. Squeeze it on dirty parts and wait for it to penetrate. Dry the parts by wiping them outdoors or with a dry cloth. Repeat the process many times in very dirty areas. Areas of Usage: Cleans the calipers and linings, discs, drums, brake center cylinder, clamps, springs and clutch parts in the brake system and increases the holding feature. Thanks to its special formula, it provides cleaning of grease, tar and other oils that have formed layers by combining with dust, without much effort. You can also use the package by turning it 180 ° upside down. FOR THE CONSUMER ATTENTION: Protect the pressurized aerosol container from sunlight and do not expose it to temperatures above 50 ° C, do not pierce or burn after use. Do not spray on a flame or any incandescent object. Keep away from sources of ignition. No smoking. Keep out of reach of children

About us

Turkey and signed a lot of innovation in the world, our company with Carpex auto brand in cleaning and maintenance group are produced in ISO 9001 and world standards. We export the products we manufacture to many countries of the world, especially to Europe. Our products are easily available in our internet sales channels.


Location: İstanbul

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About The Company


Türkiye'de ve dünyada bir çok yeniliğe imza atan firmamız, oto temizlik ve bakım grubunda Carpex markasıyla ISO 9001 ve dünya standartlarında üretim yapmaktadır. Üretimini yaptığımız ürünlerin başta Avrupa olmak üzere, dünyanın birçok ülkesine ihraç etmekteyiz. Ürünlerimiz internet satış kanallarımızda rahatlıkla bulunmaktadır.

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