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Patented growth factor that provides pathogen control with controlled acid release throughout the digestive system as a result of coating of suitable acids with special methods.


Micro-encapsulated Fumaric acid, Formic acid, Formic acid salt, Propionic acid, Propionate salt, Sorbic acid, Sorbate salt, each 400-800 microns in size.

Mode of Effect

Thanks to its special coating technology, Cap'acid releases the acids in its content in a controlled manner throughout the intestinal system and reduces the pH of the environment, thus preventing the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and increasing performance.


• Provides better zootechnical performance. • It reduces mortality. • Provides more effective digestion thanks to the effective control of the intestinal flora. • Prevents wet litter problems and non-specific enteritis cases. • It shows bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect on enterobacteria and clostridia. • It is non-corrosive, odorless and dustless. • Products such as acid sensitive vitamins and enzymes in the feed do not have a destructive effect. • Stable; There is no loss as there is no evaporation of acids. • It is consumed by animals without rejection. • It is resistant to many processes such as pelletizing. • Thanks to the controlled release, the acids it contains act where they should be: There is no loss of acids in the beginning parts of the digestive system. • It is economical, shows high efficiency at low dosage. • Alternative to antibiotic use in necrotic enteritis cases. • It is patented.

Usage and Dosage

It is used in broilers, laying hens, breeders and turkeys at the following doses.

In 25 kg bags


Target Species

Doz (kg / ton yem)



Laying Chicken







ANC hayvan beslenmesi ve sağlığı hizmetleri a.ş.

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