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Boat Ambulance

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Product Description

Main Features

Deck and cabin Structure in aluminium for nauticalenvironment.Medical area for patienttreatment separated from cabinwith a door
Special equipment for medical rescue and resuscitation.Shock absorbing stretcher,Shock absorbing seats for pilot,crew and health worker
Storage cabinet for medical equipment Foldable ramp for loading of terrestrial stretchers,Tempered glass on the entire cabin
Navigation Lights/mooring light
Courtesy Light (stern) for
patient loading area
Stainless steel bollard
1 Rear access door weather
1 service door for co-pilot side
Magnetic Compass
VHF Radio
Radar and GPS Plotter
Fire Extinguisher.

Standard Medical Equipment:

Portable Oxygen System
consisting of two “M” oxygen
cylinder with
oxygen masks and tubes.
Flex Roll in chair
Back Board with head
IV Hooks on the ceiling above
patient area x2
Stethoscope for Adult and
One Piece Cervical Collar
First Aid Kit
Portable Suction Unit
Laryngoscope handle kit
including handle,bulbs,battery
and 3 Macintosh spare blades
Blood Pressure Apparatus
SS Toiletries (male and female
urinal, Bed Pan,Kidney dish and
Vomit Bowl)
Heartstart FRX Defibrillator
Vital Sign Monitor
100 Watt Electronic SIREN




Location: Varyap Meridian Ahlat Sk.Barbaros Mh.E Blok

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About The Company

About us


 we continue our activities in the health  sector by designing the vehicles in accordance to international standard for many organizations both at home and abroad.

All services relating our sales before and after, are successfully and reliable performed by us.

We have started our operations in Germany in 1993 and continue our 27 years of experience in Turkey and are exporting worldwide.

Our company works with manufacturers in Turkey which provide the most accurate and superior quality and reliable delivery is part of our success as well as tailor made solutions and we are committed to our customer satisfaction with competitive prices and fast service.

By exporting to more than 40 countries, it has managed to stay in the forefront in the health sector with its superior quality and best prices.

It continues to work with an intense demand with the advice and praise of its customers, and gains customer satisfaction with its products.


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