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Bıtumen Membran

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Definition of Bitumen Membrana

Bituminous waterproofing membranes are produced by modifying bitumen (asphalt) with polymer based plastics and produced with non-wowen spun-bond polyester or glassfiber reinforcement.

Application areas of Membran 

Membrane is used in buildings that are exposed to different loads and weather conditions such as bridges, viaducts, especially on the foundation, curtains, basements, gardens, terraces and roofs of buildings, in order to protect the water against adverse effects caused by water and moisture, and to provide a comfortable waterproofing to living spaces. 

Major Features oF Bitumen Membran   Enhanced Resistant to Chemicals , Perfect Performance under a wide range of temperature fluctuation from  -20 C up to 150 C UV Resistance


Ulubaş Trade

Location: İstanbul

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About The Company


  Ulubas trading company is a familiy run company established in 1956 in Istanbul. Since the beginning our primary object is to focus on 100% customer satisfaction and quality assurance. Over the years Ulubas has grown substantially and become one of the leading provider of construction material as well as steel producer in Istanbul plant. From the beginning of 90s we have started to deal with contractor bussiness and initiated to manufacture galvanized profile & acccessories at our factory in ıstanbul.. When we reached to 2000's which was another milestone on the way. Ulubas have   expanded its bussiness into other regions of the world to include Europe,Middle East &Africa Regions . Today, Ulubas trading is your most comprehensive supplier with wide range of products.

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