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BIOHARMAN - Ortam Zenginleştirme Katkısı

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BIOHARMAN - Media Enrichment Additive

 20 Kg

Suitable for professional use, it is a plant growing environment enrichment additive developed for greenhouse and open field, obtained from a specially rational blend in order to enrich the organic matter of the soil and prepare the ideal environment for plant growing. Contains high amounts of organic matter and humic / fulvic acid. Its solid matter is in a mineralized state. It helps the development of a good root system in the plant. It facilitates the intake of plant nutrients. It supports the increase in the amount of microbial structures in the soil flora. It provides an effective solution in inefficient soils. It improves the physical, chemical and biological structure of the soil.

It is applied between 500-1000 Kg per decare during the soil preparation stage. At the plant planting stage, 250-500 g per root is applied.

It is a unique blend consisting of biologically activated 70% fermented farm manure, 20% herbal compost, 5% leonardite and 5% yield compost, enriched with natural enzymes from worms, liquid humic-fulvic acids and rooting bacteria.


Solitera Bio&Organic Fertilizers

Location: Bursa

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About The Company

SOLITERA offers restorative agricultural solutions and we are constantly updating our research and development efforts for agricultural continuity and sustainability in the categories of soil and plant nutrition, plant development regulation with new generation liquid, solid and micronized products that will respond to all fields of agricultural production, especially in good-agriculture and organic farming.

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