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Plate Production

Paper plate manufacturing is our new production subject. In order to make a difference with the innovative approach of Balonevi, we started to produce deeper paper plates in different shapes. We enrich the visuals with our designs and present them to our customers. Quality and regulatory production is our basic principle, so all of our products have been documented with test reports to meet the required standards.

Glass Production

Another new production subject is the production of paper cups. For now, we are producing in a single size, 8 oz. We enrich the visuals with our designs and present them to our customers. Quality and regulatory production is our basic principle, so all of our products have been documented with test reports to meet the required standards.

About us

Balonevi was founded in September 2001 We have never compromised on product quality, competitive pricing policy and on-time delivery principles. We became a leader in the sector with the principle of "Customer Satisfaction" that we have adopted.

Skilled and ambitious Production Technology in Europe with our standard production quality of our products in various sizes and shapes as well as in the new world, one which our four-color silk screen printing technology in Turkey, we have added the all-around printing technology recently.

All of our production from 6 "balloon to 45" jumbo balloon, 12 "heart to punch balloon are manufactured from natural latex and are world-class. For now, we have a monthly production capacity of 20 million pieces, as well as 10 million silk screen printing capacity. We are among the rare companies with silk screen printing technology.Our 23 cm round and square, 29 cm large square paper plates are now produced in Balonevi facilities.Our 8oz paper cups are now produced in Balonevi facilities.

At Balonevi, we produce at world standards in our "Fully Automatic Balloon Production Machine with Water Opening" that we have produced with the support of our own research and development studies and Tübitak Technology Development Project. Nitrosamine, which causes the condition known as protein allergy among the people, is realized far below the critical level thanks to our modern production equipment.

We claim "to be one step ahead of the world technology" in balloon production and silk screen printing technology. Rich Variety and Innovative Approach All our customers who decorate balloons need "balloon gas", "cup-stick", "electric and plastic balloon inflation equipment", "themed and non-contact foil balloons", "special shaped latex balloons", "PVC sky" We produce "balloons", "ground balloons", "fly tubes", "party products and accessories" in our facility in Tuzla Leather Organized Industrial Zone and procure them from abroad when necessary.

In Balonevi, another product that is as fun as balloons is produced; foam balloon. We produce foam balloons in our machine consisting of liquid filling, capping, label sticking and collecting drum. We received separate analysis certificates for all chemicals used in the liquid of our foam balloons, with the principle of respect for human health, which ranks first among our production principles. After the mixtures, we carefully carry out tests and analyzes for compliance with the required standards.

The "sprat balloon" in which we make a difference in the printed balloon is a product of our innovation pursuit. So is our patented product "one piece bubble stick".

Our innovative approach and also a product of the first "Our Store" ... Currently, 20 stores in 9 provinces Balonev our Party Store Store is a first in Turkey. You can supply +10.000 products that you will need for your parties and celebrations from our stores.

Wide Portfolio of Licensed Characters Turkey's first and only licensed manufacturer of the balloon. In 2004, we acquired the Disney license for latex balloons and party products, further enriching our retail product range. With our license portfolio, which has been increasing day by day since then, the characters of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Minnie Baby, Mickey Baby, Winnie The Pooh, Disney Princess, Frozen, Cars, as well as other prominent license characters Spiderman, Avengers, are currently under the license of Walt Disney. Our wide product portfolio consisting of Warner Bross characters Tweety, Buggs Bunny and Looney Tunes, Pepee, Niloya, Winx, Barbie, Monster High, Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray, Trabzonspor, Superman and Batman, Hot Wheels and Pj Masks characters are sold at 6,500 points. Balonev, the first licensed character diversity in place in Turkey is to increase the number of licensed characters by capturing alıyor.güncel our goal.


Balonevi San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Location: İstanbul

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About The Company

Balonevi olarak Avrupa’nın önde gelen lateks balon imalatçılarindan birisi olmanın yanında, köpük balon ve parti malzemeleri imalatı da yapan bir imalatçıyız.

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