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The dimension of our barges are 

  • Length: 14.95 metters
  • Breadth: 9 metters
  • Maxhight: 5.25 metters

There are typs six or nine silos with a carring capacity 130-140 tons of feed. In construction of our barges we use NETHERLAND profile and steel plates of 3701 quality. The barges are certified by CLASS SOCIETIES.

The barges have four safety tanks. Further the barges are equiped with control room, engine room, diver room. wc/DUSH, kitches, living room, drinking water tank, seawage tank and F.O tanks.

The bottom and verticalare of the barges have five coat of paint, applied professionally. Interiors are painted three coat of paints.

Engine room are equipped with engines approved by the client.



Location: MUĞLA

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About The Company

Company Description

AKUAKARE-Aguaculture Ltd , aimed to provide services, know-how and aquipmens to aquaculture activities. It is our essential mission to submit solutions for beter productivities which are accepted world wide. In line with our principle we are proud of with the systems and equıpments that we improved, projected and manifactured. The most of hte cages in Turkey are manifactured and installed by us which proves our success.

Our clients prefer us because we meet their quality level, low cost and good after sale service.

The AKUAKARE keeps it’s leadership in the market with it’s products which meet the developing technology and the demand of the client, high quality services and with their partners and working personel.


Tel Emek Mah. No:86 Milas - MUGLA / TURKEY

+90 252 513 6437

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