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ECU 99.9%: Electrolytic, 58 conductivity copper material electrode in immersion erosion. It is used as busbar in high low current panels and transformers. Among our standard products: Rod, Lama, Diız pipe, Coil pipe, Box profile, Grounding rodQu - plate, Roofing, Copper fittings and thin wires. In addition, non-standard flat sizes are brought to the required size by forging in desired sizes.
Cu-Cr-Zr (Chrome alloy) High electrical conductivity, Parts that require hardness and strength at high temperatures: Spot welding electrode and seam welding in welding low carbon steels (Panel radiator, Gasoline tanks, etc.), Galvanized sheet metal (Automotive and white goods) disc is used as an electrode holder in spot welding machines, as a plunger electrode in erosion machines and as a connection bar in transformers. Cu-Co-Ni-Be (Beryllium alloy) Copper for parts that require higher hardness and strength at higher temperatures despite female conductivity. Spot welding electrode and seam welding disc of stainless steel sheets. (White goods) It serves as spot welding electrode in the production of steel mesh, rim and chain, as a mold nozzle in Brass, Aluminum, Zamak and Plastic injection machines.

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We, İSTANBUL BRONZ, are here to serve you, our manufacturer companies, as a business partner and supply, with our products of qualified metals and engineering plastics by integrating our industry, which is rapidly gaining momentum. We said supply because, ISTANBUL BRONZ, who understands what the people want better and knows your sensitivities, is your business partner in achieving a better result by valuing you at this point. Qualified metal / ar, bronze, brass, copper, aluminum, chrome, ductile iron etc. engineering plastics, PTFE, polyacetal, polyamide, polyethylene, PVC etc. With our products, we are here to serve your needs and demands in the best way possible.


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Taysat Automotive Sub-Industry Specialized Organized Industrial Zone 1st Street Social Facilities Building C Block No: 8/3 Çayırova KOCAELİ



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İstanbul Bronz Metal Plastik Ltd.Şti

Location: İstanbul

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Vasıflı metaller , bronz , pirinç , bakır , alüminyum , krom , sfero pik vb. mühendislik plastikleri , PTFE , poliasetal , polyamid , polietilen , PVC vb. ürünlerimizle , sizlerin ihtiyaçlarınıza ve taleplerinize en iyi şekilde hizmet vermek için varız. HEP BİRLİKTE DAHA İLERİYE

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