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Definition of

It is a patented, natural growth factor developed with the special formulation of active "copper-clay couple" and plant extracts. It has strong antibacterial activity; It is a special performance enhancer that optimizes the flora by providing inhibition of intestinal pathogens.


Herbal extract obtained from horse chestnut contains copper, synthetic sodium aliminosilicate and sepiolite.

Mode of action

The "copper-clay couple" electromagnetically attracts bacteria in the digestive tract, irreversibly damaging the bacterial wall. It supports the digestive system by controlling the pathogenic flora of the flora and protecting the intestinal mucosa with the special plant extracts it contains.


• It shows antibiotic growth factor efficacy without the harmful effects of antibiotics. • Resistance cannot be developed by bacteria. • It improves the quality of litter by improving the digestive system. • More effective than probiotics in preventing pododermatitis. • Increases egg production.

Usage and Dosage

It is used in broilers, laying hens, breeders and turkeys at the following doses.

In 25 kg bags.


Target Species

Doz (kg / ton yem)


 1 - 2

Laying Chicken

 1 - 2


 1 - 2


 1 - 2


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