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We have three different models of LABOGRAIN brand samplers: GSP200-GSP300-GSP400. Thanks to the blower used, the device transports cereals such as wheat, barley, corn, sunflower seeds, paddy, rye, oats, as well as heavy products such as beans and chickpeas to the sample container in the laboratory in 2-8 seconds (calculated for 30 meters distance). With the sample collection container with transparent window, the sample amount can be monitored and the sampling amount can be adjusted if desired.

Due to 4 pieces of 110 cm support flag plates on the base of the body, the oscillation intensity is reduced. The sampling arm (boom) of the device consists of two parts as inner and outer boom. The device has a length of 270 cm in closed position and 450 cm in open position. Thus, it can easily scan a 900 cm portion at right and left angles. The length of the probe is 250 cm.

The sampling probe can move 270 degrees, 135 degrees to the right and 135 degrees to the left. The joystick and remote control can be operated both in the control room and in the vicinity of the sampling area. The external dimensions of the device are 75x75x400 cm. The net weight of the device is 560 kg. 2 years warranty (excluding misuse) and 10 years spare parts warranty.




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