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Goldex Plastik San.Tic.A.Ş.

Location: Kocaeli

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About The Company



Vision & Mission


Vision: At Goldex, we aspire to become the leading storage products company. We are the forerunners of modern design that met client expectations with reliable and sustainable production. We have evolved with the age of new transformations in this industry. The market is shifting rapidly and we are responsible for adopting and adapting according to demands and opportunities.

Mission: We have provided and served a magnitude of the storage containers industry. As a wholesome company, we have faced challenges that required determination and perfection. Goldex strives to bring the best services in this industry both in Turkey and internationally. This will be achieved with a professional sense of commitment that will help us build lasting relations with our devoted buyers.




Ultimate Elegance

Our products have met the design of the age by combining the elegance of easy use and viable materials. Our team works tirelessly to bring the best model that would meet international standards.


Different & Convenient


Our products have met the design of the age by combining the elegance of easy use and viable materials. Our team works tirelessly to bring the best model that would meet international standards.


Easy Viewing


One special feature of our products is that they are quite easy to recognize and grab attention with their ease of viewing and access. This allowed for the development of designs that can become much more tangible for customers that request simplicity and durability of plastic containers.


Safe Raw Materials


Our products are tested by labs for safety precautions. Safety is a key aspect that should be considered with every product we sell. We make sure that our customers aren’t concerned with any hazardous elements that would both harm the environment and usage so we try our best to secure the products and provide the safest option.


Modern & Innovative


At first glance, you can notice the products’ modern design that amuse the buyer. You can review the catalog and hence decide the model that best describes the products that are befitting your demands.


Corporate History


Goldex Group first opened its door in 1989. After establishing the first company, we have moved to become the largest wholesaler in Istanbul’s Asian side. Early in its business career, Goldex developed and grew steadily between 1989 to 1997 towards becoming an internationally recognized company. With a daily turnover of approximately 66,000 USD, Goldex has become the forerunner of the wholesale industry.


Around 1997, we have resolved to take a risk and start our production in the various markets. We still focused on the wholesale market as the main target. This followed the efforts to build new industrials sites for production that started in 2012. As of 2015, Goldex started to proudly present its production to the market. The production of plastic kitchenware was the pioneer material that were produced. They were presented according to the specification that was evolving with the market and client needs. They were shipped both locally and globally. We presented our products in fairs acknowledged both locally and internationally.


During 2015-2017, we have built state of the art facility that enclosed 2,000 m2 area in Şekerpınar. We now have a space of 6,300 m2 & 6,500 m2 in the industrial city of Kocaeli.

This advancement continued with the aspiration of building a booming and volatile industry that demanded more investments. Our first global investment started in Turkmenistan that lasted for two years for completion. Our story in Turkmenistan started with a plan to build a factory with a space of 11,000 m2 of the enclosed area. It was completed on 01.09.2020. We expect to raise it to 170,000 m2 in the upcoming 4 years. With modernized 300 injection machines, we are planning to produce 30 trucks (40 containers) per day. That will give us the essential period to keep up with the global market and become the world’s leading provider. Currently, our companies can produce 30 pcs moulds in the company located in Turkmenistan. This allowed us to provide a premium of 30%-50% price deduction than the existing prices.

With such capability, we can produce 80,000 tons of raw materials that are available for usage per year. Locally (In Turkey), we are able to use 1,800 tons per year and over shore factory has the capacity to use 4,000 tons of raw materials to meet expected orders & productions.


Our story has started with a strong lead and we are here to continue the race and become an official international competitor. This story has emerged along with game-changing experience and we have evolved to become faster and reliable.

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