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AQUAFUNNY Water bikes & Water Sports Equipments

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Water Tricycle, Water bike, Deniz bisikleti, Pedal boat, Wasserfahrrad


Kalıp Destek Plastik Ltd Şti

Location: Istanbul

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About The Company


Kalıp Destek Plastik Kalıp Makina Metal Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi
Kalıp Destek was founded in 2004 by Murat Topçu. Kalip Destek was founded with 20 years of experience, success and technical information. In return Kalıp Destek has transformed into a reputable and respected company in the industry. Kalip Destek is a well known and trusted brand in the mold sector with a large investment in modern technologies and a highly experienced workforce.
We have been dedicated to quality and the satisfacton of our costumers in the hundreds of projects we have completed. We have always been solution partners to our customers. In the year 2007, we achieved an ISO-9001 2000 quality menagement system certificate.

In the same year we invested in plastic injection machines and added it to the mold production line. Its in this year that we started to provide our customers support in the plastics department.

In 2008, we opened a branch in İMES that is dedicated to the production of mold bases and standard mold equipments.

We as Kalip Destek make plastic injection molds, diecast molds and blow molds for sectors such as the automotive, home appliances, electric and electronics, pools, elevators, medical equipments, cosmetics, etc. We manufacture molds for clients and on request we also perfom plastic injection moldings.

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