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API602 Forged steel Check valve 800#

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API602 Forged steel Check valve 800#    China API Check Valve    China Cast Check valve Supplier


The Function Of a Check Valve

Check valve is also called clack valve, one-way valve, or non-valve valve because it only allows fluid to flow in one direction. These industrial valves are automatically activated by the force generated by the flow of the medium in the pipeline and can be classified as automatic valves. The check valve is used in the pipeline system, and its main function is to prevent the backflow of the medium, prevent the pump and its generator from reversing, and prevent the backflow of the medium from the container. This check valve can also be used to replace the auxiliary system at which the pressure can increase above the pressure of the main system. If the fluid flows back and the check valve is not installed, a water hammer may occur. Water hammer often occurs, with excessive force, and it is easy to damage the pipeline or components. Check valves can be used in a variety of applications ranging from pipelines to gas export facilities.


Technical Requirement:

  1. Globe valves API602
  2. Face to face ANSI B 16.1
  3. End flanges ANSI B16.5
  4. Inspection and test API 598


API602 Forged steel Check valve Details

Parts Name





A182 F6a/A182 F316/A182 304




What Is a Check Valve?

Check valves are usually installed in the pipeline to prevent backflow. A check valve is basically a one-way valve in which the flow can flow freely in one direction, but if the flow turns, the valve will be closed to protect the piping, other valves, pumps, etc. If the flow is diverted without a check valve installed, a water hammer may occur. Water hammer often occurs with extreme force and can easily damage pipes or components.


Precautions when choosing a check valve

When selecting a check valve, it is important to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of the specific system. Usually, the focus is on reducing costs while obtaining the lowest possible pressure loss, but for check valves, higher safety equals higher pressure loss. Therefore, in order to ensure the check valve protection system, each system needs to be evaluated separately, and factors such as the risk of water hammer, acceptable pressure loss, and the financial consequences of installing a check valve must be considered. Click here to get more information about us.


Yuanda Valve Group Co.,Ltd.

Location: Hebei

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About The Company

Yuanda Brand


Founded in 1994, Yuanda Valve Group Co., LTD. Has made use of the short 30 years to rise and expand at a speed of 100 times. We are advancing with time, updating equipment, elaborately carving out our brand, focusing on developing high-end products, and actively responding to market demands with creativity. Every step we take is a breakthrough in China's valve industry.


In recent years, Yuanda has witnessed a rising awareness in engineering field and international field, established long-term and stable cooperation relationship with famous enterprises and several transnational groups in fields such as petroleum, petrochemical, water conservancy and steel and made its vision a reality. Yuanda attaches importance to after-sales services, continues to improve after-sales service mechanism: it's Yuanda's service philosophy to stay customer-oriented and provide quick-response and quality services. We commit that we are always ready to help no matter where you are.


Tremendous changes have taken place in China's manufacturing industry amid the transition process of Chinese society from high-speed development to high-quality development. The manufacturing industry embraces unprecedented development opportunities. However, the challenges that come along are also crucial to each enterprise. Yuanda adjusted its strategy to change from high-speed development of over 20 years to high-quality development; and change from the largest valve manufacturer in China to the strongest valve manufacturer in China, during which, Yuanda centers on quality, aims at quality customer service, upgrades enterprise against the backdrop of "Made in China 2025", "Industry 4.0" and highlights technical innovation, green development, sustainable development, people-oriented development. We believe that Yuanda will stand out in the manufacturing industry in China with a new brand image in the near future.


Yuanda aims high and embraces all diversities. It attracts best minds from all over the world with a high degree of inclusiveness and provides a stage for purpose-driven people with dreams and passions to showcase their talents and improve self-values. In the principle of "good faith and quality first", we make friends from all over the world and we welcome more friends to join Yuanda and work hand in hand for a better future.


Group Profile


China Yuanda Valve Group Co., Ltd. located in the hinterland around the Beijing, Tianjin and Bohai economic center, it’s founded in 1950s, restructuring on the basis of the former mechanical ministry longyao valve factory. It is the largest valve manufacturer in China engaged in researching and developing, manufacturing and selling middle pressure and low pressure valves. It located in Yincun Town, Longyao County, Hebei Province, there are five branches under the group, the registered capital of 100 million yuan in RMB, and the headquarter covers an area of 400,000 square meters, more than 3,000 staffs. Yuanda has passed the authentication of ISO9001: 2008 quality management system and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system, OHSAS18001:2007 occupational health & safety system, API certification, CE certification, KS certification and ΓOST certification; The brand is evaluated as Famous trademark of china and the famous brand in Hebei province, and the series of the products has been honored as the famous products in Hebei province, and was granted the right of self-management of import and export; and awarded China Quality Credit Enterprise by the China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association; and awarded credit management class AA enterpnse by AQSIQ and has achieved Manufacture License of Special Equipments of the People’ s Republic of China, Grade A, and B1、B2、B3 foundry certification; and has taken part in the valve Branch Association, China General Machinery Industrial Association.


Yuanda is also the first class supplier of Sino Petroleum Corp., China national Petroleum Corp.(CNPC) and the member of China Guodian Corp. supply network and the member of China Huadian Corp. supplier network, China Power Investment Corporation, China Huaneng Group, China Datang Corporation. Yuanda is the qualified tenders of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Group, China National Chemical Construction Group, Shougang Group, Wuhan Iron and Steel (group) Corp, Hebei Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. Yuanda Valve Group manufacture the products include : GB/JB(china), API, ANSI, AWWA, DIN, JIS, ΓOST, NF and etc. the material include HT200、HT250、QT400、QT450、WCA、WCB、WCC、CF3、CF8、CF3M、CF8M、1Cr5Mo、LCB and etc. The products have 12 kinds, 200 series and 4000 sizes, include gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, check valve, diaphragm valve, reducing valve, plug valve, traps valve. Totally amounted 80,000 tons per year. All the products are widely used in petrol, petro-chemical, chemistry, power, metallurgy, water conservation, construction, pharmacy, and water drainage fields. Yuanda Valve Group has established a sound cooperation relationship with US Crane Co,Ltd. Japan Yamato, Korea Wondae TGK Co.Ltd. Korea Daehwa Co., Ltd., Russia ADL and Turkey FAF. Our products sell well on the market of Germany, England, French, Italy, Brazil, Poland and Europe, central Asia and west Asia, all about 30 countries and areas. Yuanda brand enjoyed a great reputation among our customers.



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