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What is Alez?

People are not satisfied with just putting sheets on the beds as in the past. With the development of technology, it can apply new generation methods to extend the life of the mattress. Mattress sheets called protective layers are among these methods. The mattress can be interpreted as a kind of protective apparatus that is basically laid on the bed without a bed sheet for protection. Mattresses also prevent the mattress from getting dirty over time. These special materials have different types according to their structure.

Among the mattress types, especially cotton mattresses and liquid-proof mattresses come to the fore. Especially, liquid-proof mattresses provide a very high level of protection since they have two layers. The upper layer consists of cotton. The bottom layer consists of a liquid impermeable polyester. It has the function of trapping liquids in the upper layer. Apart from single and double beds, it can also be used directly in baby beds.

Properties of Mattresses

The part of the mattress in contact with the mattress is at the bottom and this part is liquid-proof. It is seen that this section is covered with linoleum material. In addition, the fact that the said part is airtight ensures that it does not come into contact with the body. The part that is in direct contact with the body is located directly in the fabric tissue. In this sense, the linoleum section in the mattress; No matter how much liquid is spilled, this will prevent the liquid from reaching the bed. It provides safe protection against basic sleep problems such as body fluid leaks and urinary incontinence.

Another name of mattresses in the market is mattress protector. As of today, it is possible to catch the obvious traces of the developing technology in these mattress protectors. Apart from water and sweat, bacteria-like factors can wear out the mattress thanks to the mattresses. This is an element that directly increases the bearing life. Considering today's average bed prices, the importance of these types of protectors can be understood better. In the structure of mattresses, which have an important role for a healthy sleep life besides extending the life of the bed; PVC coated fabrics, polyester fabrics, cotton or elastic type tapes are used as materials. The quality of these types of protectors is extremely important for those who appreciate their mattresses.

Information on the Use of Mattress Pad

There are rubberized slots in each corner of the mattresses that help them hold on to the bed more comfortably. This ensures that slips and agglomerations are prevented. After washing, mattresses are dried for a certain period of time in areas that are not exposed to direct sunlight. It is also possible to wash the flame by hand according to your wishes. For this process, it would be right to shake it first and then put it in a bowl. Add detergent with water to the ale you have taken into the bowl. You can foam and wash after this stage. Then you should rinse with warm water again. It is more ideal to hang the mattresses on a windy area after washing. In this respect, it is important to filter and dry naturally. Mattresses can be preferred as double or single depending on the size of the bed.

A bed sheet should definitely be placed on the mattresses. Sleeping directly on the mattress is a relatively inconvenient situation. Mattresses with mattresses are largely protected from stains or dirt. It is also an important material to extend the life of the mattress. Especially in hospitals, mattress protectors are very important. It is important to use mattresses for both hygiene and to prevent blood, liquid or water from passing to bed. In hospitals, mattresses are usually changed daily. The use of mattress is a very reasonable solution for mattresses that are not cleaned by washing method.

About us

Established in 2018 in Istanbul, Ağol Tekstil, which has managed to become one of the leading brands in the sector by institutionalizing on the production and wholesale of home textile products, is in constant contact with overseas market chains.

Being among the leading brands in the fields of "home textile and medical textile", which is the main production group of the company, export-oriented activities are carried out. The primary goal of Ağol Tekstil, which continues to work with countries in the Middle East and close geography, especially European countries, is to provide customer satisfaction, quality production, economic products and services to its customers in terms of price / performance and to increase its market share.

Manufacturing and marketing two main sections occurring Agol Textile, not only throughout Turkey, has also managed to become among the best brands on a global level. Providing economic services to everyone, regardless of individual or institutional, in home textile and medical textile fields where the elastic bed sheet comes first, Ağol Tekstil not only keeps pace with the ever-changing and developing world by using its resources in the most efficient way, but also brings a different perspective to the sector with its innovative solutions.

Ağol Tekstil, a member of ITHIB and ITO, makes contract manufacturing for overseas market chains as well as domestic supply chain.


Agol Tekstil

Location: istanbul

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About The Company


2018 yılında İstanbul’da kurulan ve ev tekstili ürünleri imalatı ile toptan satışı üzerinde kurumsallaşarak sektörde öncü markalar arasında girmeyi başaran Ağol Tekstil, yurt dışı market zincirleri ile devamlı olarak irtibat halindedir.

Firmanın ana üretim grubu olan “Ev tekstili ve medikal tekstil” alanlarında öncü markalar arasında yer alarak, ihracat odaklı faaliyetler sürdürülmektedir. Başta Avrupa ülkeleri olmak üzere Orta Doğu ve yakın coğrafyadaki ülkeler ile çalışmalarına devam eden Ağol Tekstil’in öncelikli hedefi ise müşteri memnuniyeti, kaliteli üretim, ekonomik ürünler ile müşterilere fiyat/performans açısından zengin hizmetler sunmak ve pazar payını artırmaktır.

İmalat ve pazarlama olarak iki ana bölümden meydana gelen Ağol Tekstil, sadece Türkiye çapında değil, aynı zamanda global düzeyde de en iyi markalar arasına girmeyi başarmıştır. Lastikli çarşafın ilk sırada geldiği ev tekstili ve medikal tekstil alanlarında bireysel veya kurumsal fark etmeksizin herkese ekonomik hizmet sunan Ağol Tekstil, kaynaklarını en verimli şekilde kullanarak sürekli değişen ve gelişen dünyaya ayak uydurmakla kalmıyor, aynı zamanda yenilikçi çözümleri ile sektöre farklı bir bakış açısı da getirmektedir.

İTHİB ve İTO üyesi olan Ağol Tekstil, yurt içi tedarik zincirinin yanı sıra belli dönemlerde yurt dışı market zincirleri için de fason üretim yapmaktadır.

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