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ACTFAT 84% - Kalsiyum Sabunu

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Ruminants / Raw Materials


Why Actfat 84% ?

Calcium Salts of Long Chain Fatty Acids

▶ Increases milk yield, ▶ Provides energy and improves performance, ▶ Strengthens reproductive performance, ▶ Does not harm rumen micro-organisms by remaining dormant in the rumen, ▶ Does not cause any toxic effects, ▶ It is highly digestible, ▶ Prevents the emergence of ketosis problems, ▶ Metabolic energy It is 31 MJ, that is, 7404.22 Kcal, ▶ It is a high energy source, ▶ Calcium content provides an added advantage, ▶ No odor problem, animals can eat it with pleasure, ▶ It has a smooth granular structure ▶ It can easily be added to any mix, discovery meal or mixed meal.


Usage Instruction

In order to optimize the total fat in the ration, it is generally calculated as 3% of the dry matter, but higher rates can also be used within the recommendation of the nutritionist. Typically 300 to 500 grams per animal.

Application Method

It is mixed directly into the daily ration.


In 25KG PP Brown Bags.

Shelf life

12 months from the date of manufacture.

Storage Conditions

Protect from direct sunlight. Store in <60% relative humidity environment.


European Union Good Manufacturing Quality Certificate






Location: RENA IMPEX

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About The Company

As Rena Impex, we are manufacturer, exporter and supplier company for especially for livestock industry for long years ..we have MCP(monocalcium phosphate), DCP (dicalcium phosphate), organic acids, toxin binders, vitamin,mineral and aminoacid premixes,liver tonic , salmonella inhibitor, products for respiratory problems, products for gut health ,digestion etc ...Besides these we have eggs, pullets,zeolite,sepiolite etc .

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