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ACT Organik Lizin

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▶ Due to its high melting point, it does not have a negative effect on fiber digestion and rumen fermentation by remaining immobile in the rumen, rumen is protected, ▶ Natural lysine for optimum growth, ▶ Improves hatching efficiency, ▶ Improves FCR, provides growth and weight gain, ▶ Repairs damaged liver tissues helps regeneration, ▶ Protects the liver parenchyma against the toxic effects of drugs.

Usage Instruction

Instead of 1kg of synthetics and 1kg of lysine; It is used as 500 gm organic lysine + 500 gm L-Lysine per ton in feed. It reduces your cost.

Shelf life

3 years from the date of manufacture.



Location: RENA IMPEX

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About The Company

As Rena Impex, we are manufacturer, exporter and supplier company for especially for livestock industry for long years ..we have MCP(monocalcium phosphate), DCP (dicalcium phosphate), organic acids, toxin binders, vitamin,mineral and aminoacid premixes,liver tonic , salmonella inhibitor, products for respiratory problems, products for gut health ,digestion etc ...Besides these we have eggs, pullets,zeolite,sepiolite etc .

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