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ACT Energise (Gliserol)

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Ruminants / Raw Materials

ACT Energise (Gliserol)

Why ACT Energise?

It consists of glycerol (1.2 propanediol) on low-heat ground and dried chicory pulp.

Glycerol (glycerin 99%,E422) is a sweet liquid obtained by hydrolysis of vegetable oil in the biofuel production process.

Thanks to temperature, steam and pressure, glycerol is separated from the biofuel and then concentrated and refined.

Glycerol is widely used in food applications, especially in the development of the skin, especially in the teats of cows.

It is a reliable source of energy on the carrier, mostly with its nutritional fiber properties (inulin and pectin content).

It is mainly applied in the feeding of high-yielding dairy cows for the prevention of ketosis.

It is fermented in the rumen to produce propionic acid and is partially absorbed through the rumen wall and partially in the small intestine.

It consists of completely plant-based components that can be easily consumed by animals. When used as a feed additive, improved pellet quality will be achieved.

Application Method

60g/ each / one day Safety: as a source of energy & stimulates hormonal development




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About The Company

As Rena Impex, we are manufacturer, exporter and supplier company for especially for livestock industry for long years ..we have MCP(monocalcium phosphate), DCP (dicalcium phosphate), organic acids, toxin binders, vitamin,mineral and aminoacid premixes,liver tonic , salmonella inhibitor, products for respiratory problems, products for gut health ,digestion etc ...Besides these we have eggs, pullets,zeolite,sepiolite etc .

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