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ABB TP857 3BSE030192R1

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Main products : PLC/DCS/TSI/ESD Module

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----(DCS)Distributed Control System

ABB 3AUA0000110429,SYSCON2 746924

Invensys Foxboro FBM214,FBM242,B0123HE

Invensys Triconex 3625,3700A,3604E

Ovation 5X00481G01

Woodword 5462-758B

HIMA F2-DO-16-02,F8650E

Yokogawa SAI143-S03 S1, F9342L-02

Honeywell 51402497-200,51403519-160,51199194-100,CC-PDO801 51405043-175

Emerson KJ4001X1-NB1,12P3368X012


----(PLC)Programmable Logic Controller

Allen-Bradley 1734-IB8,1734-OB8,1769-L18ER-BB1B,1756-IM16I,2711P-T6C20D8

ICS Triplex T8461,T8850,T8403,T8431,T8831,T8310

Schneider Modicon 140DDI85300


Siemen 6ES7331-1KF02-0AB0

Prosoft MVI46-DFNT

Bachmann MPC240

Woodhead 9905-068 2301A


----(TSI)Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation

Bently Nevada 3500/22M,138607-01,3500/25,3500/53,3500/32M 149986-02,3500/40 125860-01

EPRO MMS6110,MMS6120,MMS6220,MMS6312,MMS6410,6423,6424,MMS6822,ues815s

ENTEK EK C6622HS,XM124,1440-SDM02-01RA


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Hot Selling Model Number:

➯ Bentley Nevada (USA)

Bentley Nevada Monitoring module 3500 / 63-01-00
Bentley Nevada Communication Gateway Module 3500 / 92-01-01
Bentley Nevada Communication Gateway Module 3500 / 92-01-01-00
Bentley Nevada Communication Gateway Module 3500 / 92-02-01-00
Bentley Nevada Communication Gateway Module 3500 / 92-04-01-00
Bentley Nevada Display device 3500 / 93-01-00-00-00
Bentley Nevada Display device 3500 / 93-02-02-02-00
Bentley Nevada Display device 3500 / 93-03-01-00
Bentley Nevada Display device 3500 / 93-03-01-00-00
Bentley Nevada Display device 3500 / 93-07-01-02-00
Bentley Nevada Monitoring module 3500-40-01-00
Bentley Nevada Key phase channel vibration monitor 3300 / 16-15-01-03-00-00
Bentley Nevada Dual Channel Vibration Monitor 3300 / 16-15-01-03-00-00-00
Bentley Nevada Monitoring module 3300 / 20-12-01-00-00-00
Bentley Nevada Monitoring module 3300 / 20-12-01-01-00-02-00
Bentley Nevada Monitoring module 3300 / 20-12-01-03-00
Bentley Nevada 350020 frame interface module
Bentley Nevada 350025 Improved Keypad Module
Bentley Nevada 190065A Vibration Monitor, 3300 vibration probe
Bentley Nevada 350015 power supply module, 50032 4-channel relay module
Bentley Nevada 350042M speed acceleration monitoring module
Bentley Nevada 350046M hydropower monitor
Bentley Nevada 350053 overspeed monitoring module
Bentley Nevada 350062 Process Variable Monitor
Bentley Nevada 350005 frame



ABB 3BSE038407R1-800xA FS801K01 CI801
ABB 3BSC610064R1-800xA SD831 POWER SUPPLY 3A
ABB 3BSC610065R1-800xA SD832 POWER SUPPLY 5A
ABB 3BSC610066R1-800xA SD833 POWER SUPPLY 10A
ABB 3BSC610067R1-800xA SD834 POWER SUPPLY 20A
ABB 3BSE038226R1 SS823 SS823/3BSE008534R1-800xA TB805
ABB 3BSC610068R1-800xA SS832 SS832 10A
ABB 3BSE008536R1-800xA TB806/3BSE008538R1-800xA TB807
ABB 3BSE008560R1 TB810/3BSE008568R1 TB811
ABB 3BSE013204R1 TB815 Interconnection Unit
ABB 3BSE013208R1 TB820V2/3BSE036634R1 TB825
ABB 3BSE061637R1 TB826 /3BSE037760R1 TB840A
ABB 3BSE022464R1-800xA TB842/3BSE021437R1-800xA TB845
ABB 3BSE021439R1-800xA TB846/3BSC630197R1-800xA TK212A
ABB 3BSC950004R1 TK527V030 TK527V030 L = 3 m. DE9 pin to DE9 socket.
ABB 3BSC950089R1-800xA TK801V003 0.3m
ABB 3BSC950089R2-800xA TK801V006 0.6m
ABB 3BSC950089R3-800xA TK801V012 1.2m
ABB 3BSC950107R1-800xA TK811V015 1.5m
ABB 3BSC950107R2-800xA TK811V050 5m
ABB 3BSC950107R3-800xA TK811V150 15m
ABB 3BSC950118R1-800xA TK812V015 1.5m
ABB 3BSC950118R2-800xA TK812V050 5m
ABB 3BSC950118R3-800xA TK812V150 15m
ABB 3BSE035990R1-800xA TU805K01 TU805K01 USED DI801,DO801
ABB 3BSE039025R1-800xA TU807 TB840/TB840A BASE TB807
ABB 3BSE013230R1-800xA TU810V1 24VDC


Email :  |  Tel : 86-18030235311




Amikong DCS

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