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H07V-U (NYA)

Tip : 6381 AND
Standards : BS 6004
Structure : 1- Fine stranded copper conductor
    2- PVC insulation
    3- PVC outer sheath
Usage places : Indoor or dry places, distribution boards, fixed facilities and installations
    It is used inside the pipe.
Technical information : Max. working temperature 70 C
    Max. short circuit temperature 160 C


KOÇ Kablo, which started its activities in 1972, is one of the leading companies in the sector.With its history, product range, knowledge, expert staff and understanding, it is a reliable company at home and abroad.

With its annual 8600 tons of PVC granules and 6800 tons of copper processing capacity, it creates competition in the sector and is ahead.

Our company produces PVC or XLPE insulated armored or unarmored low voltage energy cables in accordance with the standards; It serves with ISO 9001 quality and ISO14001 environmental management system. "We always have a solution." We look to the future confidently with our password.

Our quality policy

• Documentation, certification and continuous improvement of our quality management system to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and TSE standards,

• Achieving company and unit targets in team spirit, based on the Total Quality philosophy,

• Determining preventive approaches to improve our performance by reviewing our business processes with the self-assessment process,

• Increasing the efficiency of all our processes to a level that can compete internationally in line with the continuous improvement approach,

• We work with all our strength to become an exemplary organization with our leadership in terms of quality in the durable consumption sector by managing our activities in an integrated manner with the Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, in order to encourage innovative and creative approaches and to provide training that will increase technical and behavioral competencies.



While KOÇ KABLO continues to develop innovative products and effective solutions that increase the living standards of our customers, to produce the “bests” and “firsts”; It also aims to develop the talents of its employees and create a creative corporate culture with contemporary and strategic Human Resources approaches.

In the human resources approaches that will carry our company into the future, our basic starting point is' our values, our business ethics principles, laws and the principles of the "Global Cooperation Agreement".

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About The Company

About Us


Koç Kablo is one of leading company in the sector and is keeping it’s facilities since 1980’s. Koç Kablo is a faithful partner with history ,knowledge,product range, skilled workers and philosophy it has.

Koç Kablo has a copper using capasity of 4800 tons / year and PVC granule production capacity of 4000 tons /year and that makes us an “ assertive manufacturer “in the sector.

Koç Kablo produce all kind of PVC or XLPE insulated ,armoured or nonarmoured low voltage cables comforms to the standarts and serves to the market with ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certifications.

Koç Kablo is looking ahead with it’s password; we always have a solution.

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