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500L Column Still Vodka Gin Distillation Equipment Alcohol Copper Distiller

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Copper provides an essential chemical reaction, especially at lower standards, which can remove sulfides when alcohol is in vapor form. Copper has the ability to react with many sulfides, such as sulfides or mercaptans, which are usually present in the fermented mash, making them insoluble and removing them from high wine vapors.


Composition of 500L distillation equipment

  • 500L distillation tank, explosion-proof stirring motor, all-glass manhole.
  • Helmet copper whiskey helmet.
  • 16 pieces of pillar copper.
  • Condenser column made of copper, pipe and shell type.
  • The support base is made of SS, and the water tank and product tank are used as the support base.
  • Distillation pot: inner full copper pot, outer steam jacket insulation layer, outer fish scale polished, full glass manhole view, stirring with agitator on the top.
  • Column board: full CU122 copper foam board, operated with a valve on the side, CIP ball inserted into each board for cleaning, and operated with CIP pipes and valves on the back.
  • Bottom collection tank: The water tank collects condensate water and uses CIP to clean it, the alcohol tank is collected directly from the parrot, and the bottom is connected to a water pump.
  • Blister: Composed of blister, drain pipe, bubble plate, red copper screw, bubble tee (we have stainless steel 304 and red copper optional).
  • Control panel: The material of the control box is stainless steel 304 or plastic optional.
  • Applicable voltage: 208/220/240V single-phase 60Hz, heating temperature can be adjusted by module.
  • The water outlet adopts a high hygienic glass cover, with a copper cover on the top, a straight opening type, and a valve at the bottom.


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主要产品有:啤酒酿造设备、混合蒸馏阀设备、过滤设备、罐头及配件、罐装、包装设备、冷水机设备、食品饮料等。德工啤酒将先进的技术与工艺的最结合在我们行业的最高质量体系中,我们发现了最优秀的制造者、技术人员、敬业和敬业业的专业人员组成的专业工厂和内部操作师,为客户提供最优质的服务。德工啤酒可以提供全方位的产品服务和来满足您的定制需求。DEGONG Brewery 以提供最高水平的客户而同时满足需求,从规划到安装以及项目后的持续支持。德工啤酒厂的专业知识以及各种不同的加工设备采用的操作时间和现在以您的方式来升级我们的每一个制造商的价格。 304不锈钢和316不锈钢等优质材料。无论是单件需求,还是从设计到执行的完整项目,德工啤酒都能为您解答。如34不锈钢和316不锈钢。无论是单件需求,还是从设计到执行如不锈钢和316不锈钢,不管是单件需求,还是您的完整项目,德工啤酒都可以执行为您的完整项目,德工啤酒可以为您执行的完整项目,德工啤酒可以为您执行的完整项目,如不锈钢和316不锈钢。

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