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5 L Emek Sunflower Oil Jar

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Ambalaj Cinsi / Pack Type :Yuvarlak Kavanoz / Round Jar

Ürün Barkodu / SKU Barcode :8690700012056

Koli Barkodu / Box Barcode : 08690700102054

Koli Ölçüsü / Box Dimensions :360.360.265mm

Koli İçi Adedi / # of Pieces in Box: 4

Paletteki Koli Adedi / # of Boxes on Pallet : 30

Koli Brüt Ağırlığı / Box Gross Weight : 18826g

About Us

The Story of Centennial Flavor

Our story begins with the endless fertility of olives on the sea-scented lands of Tirilye. The Republic of Turkey was young and it was the perfect time to produce and work with devotion in many different fields. In that era, Mr. Ahmet, a notable person in Trilye, with his Sait along, decided to make a living by processing olive.

Together they opened their first olive processing shop and named their brand Emek, meaning effort in Turkish, from their effort full of abundance. After a while, the production line of the shop was transferred to the Emek factory which was established in Mudanya. At first, the Emek brand was known for its pressed olive oil and olive oil soap, and over time the product range extended to include sunflower and corn oil. Natural crops grown with the effort of Anatolian farmers are processed with care in the Emek factory.

Emek, an entirely local family-run business, is now managed by the fourth and fifth generations of the family members with the same enthusiasm and dedication that are the legacy inherited from the very first days.

Contact Us

ADDRESS Çağrışan Mah. Eski Mudanya Cad. No:7 Mudanya, 16950 Bursa, Türkiye
TELEPHON +90 (224) 549 20 00
FAX +90 (224) 549 20 10


ADDRESS Bandırma Gönen Karayolu Buğdaylı Köyü Taştepe Mevki 4. Cadde No:4 Bandırma – Balıkesir / Türkiye
TELEPHON +90 (266) 781 13 10
FAX +90 (266) 781 13 11


Location: BURSA

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About The Company


Since 1929, we devoted ourselves to manufacture high quality edible oils.

Emek, was founded as a family owned company in Tirilye, a very famous historic village with Greek heritage, located in the Marmara Region, almost North Egean Region of Turkey worldwide known as for its flavorous and aromatic olives.

Combining 90 years of knowledge and production experience, together with state of the art production facilities, now, our production range consists of ; - Olive Oil - Sunflower Oil - Corn Oil - Olive Oil Bar Soap & Olive Oil Liquid Soap.

Emek has always been a representative of a tradition in flavor with the highest quality and perfect service passing down from one generation to another.

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