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2 İplik Leopar Taş Baskılı Kadın Eşofman Takımı

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2 İplik Kadın Eşofman Takımı,

2 iplik kumaştan üretilmiştir. %65 Pamuk %30 Polyester %5 Elestan.

Leopar üzerindeki taşlar , taş baskıdır. Kalıbı rahat basic tam kalıptır.

Manken 1.78 cm boy üzerindeki M/38 bedendir.

4'lü seri , S M L XL

S / Sweatshirt : 53 cm boy , 48 cm en - Kol: 64 cm - Eşofman: 90 cm boy , 22 cm basen

M / Sweatshirt: 54 cm boy , 50 cm en - Kol:64 cm - Eşofman: 91 cm boy , 24 cm basen

L / Sweatshirt: 54 cm boy , 50 cm en - Kol:64 cm - Eşofman: 92 cm boy , 25 cm basen

XL / Sweatshirt: 54 cm boy , 52 cm en - Kol:65 cm - Eşofman: 94 cm boy , 25 cm basen

500 adet ve altı siparişde aynı gün teslimat yapılabilinir. 500 adet üzeri siparişlerde teslimat süresi 7 iş günüdür. 


Estepublic Yatırım İhracat ve İthalat ltd. şti.

Location: İstanbul

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About The Company

Gürbüz Köse, who stepped into the textile industry in 1990 by working in confection, is the owner of today's Jesse Story brand. The adventure of textile, which started with confection, has become a passion over time and has always worked tirelessly for the better. Mr. Köse, who learned this sector down to the last detail in the family company for 9 years and added value to his work, started to serve in the ready-made clothing sector by establishing his own company in the early 2000s. With his meticulous and principled work in production, he has grown his company in a short time and has accomplished works around the world. Today, in addition to exporting to 35 countries, there are 5 stores in Istanbul that wholesale Jesse Story collection products. Reaching new markets and customers with each passing day, Jesse Story represents his country in the best way in the world as a source of pride in Turkey.

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