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11 kw vidalı kompresör

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AIRKOM promises smooth and high performance with its ESC series oil-injected rotary screw air compressors, suitable for all kinds of applications. Production and assembly of each part of these compressors, in which the latest engineering software is used in the design and analysis stages, is carried out by considering international quality standards.

EASE OF USE ESC series compressors are produced to be used in different application areas without loss of performance. High performance and quality grade parts used in the manufacture and assembly of these products provide long maintenance periods and therefore low operating costs, designed to enable users of all experience levels to easily adapt and learn.

AFTER SALES SUPPORT SERVICE worldwide and operating in more than 100 countries with more than 150 AIRKOM authorized dealer in Turkey offers aftermarket products to its customers with a reliable support network.

ROTARY SCREW BLOCK • New generation rotating screw blocks designed with the latest technological tools such as "Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)" and "Finite Element Method (FEM)" and produced using high level production techniques, provide high efficiency, durability and low energy consumption. combination of rotor profile and lobe. • The block contains a new generation bearing system using bearings capable of carrying three times the load capacity of standard designs. • Less energy is required for operation resulting in lower operating costs, as the new rotor profile allows less air leakage with the optimum lobe combination and reduces the torque required to operate. • Gear boxes are selected according to AGMA (American Gear Manufacturers Association) standards.

MAIN MOTOR AND DRIVE SYSTEM • High efficiency IE2 class IP55 motors operating with 380V / 3 phase / 50Hz power input are used as standard in ESC series. • Driving the gearbox shaft is accomplished by a direct drive mechanism with a flexible coupling placed between the rotating screw block and the main motor shaft. • Because the mechanical transmission losses are lower, the direct drive mechanism is about three percent more efficient than the belt-pulley mechanism and is mostly maintenance free. • Without belts and pulleys, noise and vibration levels drop significantly.

AIR SUCTION SYSTEM • Developed using advanced engineering analysis tools such as FEM and "Fluid Dynamics". • With its simple design consisting of three control block units, a solenoid valve and a control cylinder, periodic maintenance services of the suction regulators are carried out easily and quickly. • First-class materials used in suction regulator manufacturing and reduced gasket amounts provide reliable operating performance for up to 8000 hours. • The intake valve, which is completely upright when opened, almost flat and unidirectional air flow, increases the air outlet area by 25% with its new profile design, the intake regulator promises low pressure drops and high performance. • Dual-stage air intake filter system, consisting of micro glass fiber replaceable front panel filter, replaceable cassette type air inlet filter with paper elements, minimizes the problems that occur in dirty environments by providing clean air for the rotary screw block and cooling system.

AIR / OIL SEPARATORS • Progressive type, deep layer and braided separation layers provide more effective separation in less volume. • These separators are of high performance design providing three-stage separation. • Oil density less than 3 mg / m3 is transferred with compressed air during separation.

COOLING SYSTEM • Aluminum combi cooler with long life Bar / Plate system guarantees trouble-free operation in all conditions. • Four-way thermostatic valve extends the life of the oil and eliminates the risk of failure by preventing condensation at low temperatures. • New blade profiles supported by silent and efficient axial fans driven by an independent electric motor. • New fan seats are used to provide easy access during maintenance service and short periods of cleaning.

SAFETY AND WARNING SYSTEMS • Main motor and fan motor overload control • Phase sequence, absence and instability control • Main motor overheating monitoring with PTC. • Screw overheating control • High pressure control • Separator pollution warning system • Suction filter pollution warning system • Safety valve for separator tank • High pressure safety valve • Emergency stop button • Maintenance time warning system

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM • ESC series has an LCD control panel that displays operating and service functions in a way that users of all experience levels can easily understand. • Mechanical safety systems are supported by PLC controlled safety switches and relays to prevent all possible risks that may occur during operation. •



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About The Company

About Us

Airkom is a global, diversified industrial corporation with annual revenues in excess of $0.5 billion (USD). Established in 1999, Airkom is based in Istanbul , Turkey, with manufacturing, sales and support locations worldwide. The Company operates in Compressor Division.

Airkom began manufacturing compressors in 1999 and remains Turkey second jeneration compressor company. Today, the Company operates worldwide and is a assertive about leadership in compressor technology, engineering and innovation.

Airkom provides both process gas and standard air compressors.

Airkom is unique in that it provides all three major types of gas compressors: rotary screw, reciprocating and centrifugal. As a result, Eskom has the ability to engineer the best possible compressor solution for each application. For customers, the results are optimum performance and lowest overall costs of ownership.

Ask AIRKOM ! The Best Solution for Any Gas Compression.

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