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Toz Antep Fıstık

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Powdered Pistachio

Let it pour out and pack it, let it be eaten full… A little bit of this, a little bit of that, the other is essential. If there is a game with friends or next to the movie, fun tastes are always with you.


Malatya Pazarı | Toz Antep Fıstık



Kalori (kj / kcal) 562 kcal
Karbonhitrat (g) 28 g
Lif (g) 10 g
Protein (g) 20 g
Cholesterol 0 g

About us

The delicious story of Malatya Bazaar begins with the modest Malatya Bazaar that Ali Efendi established in his hometown 148 years ago. While his sons Hüseyin and Hakkı brothers who took their hands from their fathers pursue their profession with enthusiasm, the fate of Malatya Pazarı Dried Fruit business changed with a single question of Malatya Deputy Tevfik Temelli, who came to the visit of Hüseyin and Hakkı brothers in 1942; "Why don't you go to Istanbul and introduce Malatya's honey, nuts and apricots?" With this sentence, a brand new door is now opening in their lives and the first step is taken on the road to success… The brothers Hüseyin and Hakkı, who came to Istanbul with enthusiasm, admire the Spice Bazaar, which was restored by the Istanbul Governor Lütfi Kırdar, and they open a shop here. After the brothers worked together for a while, Hakkı Bey returns to Malatya, begins another adventure with the halva and biscuit factory he established and proceeds on a different path.

Hüseyin Bey is now ready to write a brand new story, settled in Istanbul with his family. His sons Çetin and Metin, who continued their education in Malatya and continued in Istanbul, also started to work in their shops in the Egyptian Bazaar. In this way, he had a sense of responsibility at an early age and his passion for the land of taste increased rapidly. Malatya Bazaar | Corporate

Çetin, who started his business life at a young age, works with him until his father's death and begins to climb the success ladder rapidly. Despite all the difficulties and prejudices in the market, he increases the number of shops first to two and then to three with his honesty and diligence.

Murat Palancı, a member of the 4th generation of the family, continues the dried nuts business, which is the profession of Dede, today with the same determination, determination and success. With Murat Palancı's successful initiatives and innovative perspective, Malatya Pazarı Dried Fruits; 22 years ago in Istanbul Büyükçekmece cooking, including Turkey, sorting and packaging has established the most modern and well equipped facilities in their area.

Malatya Pazarı Murat Palancı, which has an important and unchangeable place in our nut and snack culture, with its environmentally sensitive, human health and mostly locally produced varieties, has always kept the understanding of quality at the forefront in every step it has taken since 1870. Malatya Pazarı Murat Palancı, which continues its success without compromising its standards, adds flavor to the sector and continues to bring consumers together with quality.

Malatya Pazarı | Kurumsal

Our quality policy

Malatya Pazarı | Kalite Politikamız


A Quality and Food Safety Management system has been established in Malatya Pazarı Kuruyemişcılık to ensure food safety, to preserve flavor and quality parameters and to be continuously improved.

In our organization, all conditions related to 'GMP-Good Manufacturing Techniques', which are the prerequisite conditions of the BRC Food Standard, are applied and their competencies are monitored by making GMP measurements at the necessary points.

All potential hazards and critical control points previously determined in our Quality and Food Safety Management system; temperature, time, visual inspection checks and measurements are kept under surveillance.

By following the technology, we work customer-oriented to satisfy our customers with a system that complies with national / international standards and laws by producing safe, hygienic and quality products on time and right at the first time.

Necessary trainings are planned and implemented in order to increase the knowledge, skills and competencies of our staff.

All of our employees personally take part in the implementation of our Quality and Food Safety Policy and work together with the Management in order to ensure that our final products comply with our policy.

It provides the human and financial resources required to effectively implement the Quality and Food Safety System and to maintain compliance with the requirements of the BRC Food Standard.

While performing our activities, we act with environmental awareness. We fulfill our legal obligations to all our employees. In recruitment, promotion and appointments, we take into account the qualifications of suitability for the job and create equal opportunities among employees. We do not interfere with the private information of our employees and the private lives of our employees, and we keep all information about our employees. We organize trainings on subjects that will ensure the business and personal development of our employees. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, ethnic origin and religious belief in practices aimed at our employees. We create healthy and safe working conditions at the level required by laws and conditions, and we try to improve them as much as possible.

We are committed to ensuring that all products we produce are safe, of high quality and in compliance with the law.


Malatya pazarı

Location: Mimarsinan Köyü E5 Karayolu Üzeri, Ceylan Çiftliği Mevkii Büyükçekmece / İstanbul

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About The Company



1870'li yıllarda Malatya'da başlayarak sonraki asırda İstanbul'da Mısır Çarşısı'na, oradan da ihracata uzanan "ÖNCE KALİTE" odaklı Malatya Pazarı geleneği, günümüze de modern tesislerinde üretilen seçkin ürünler ile sürdürülmektedir.

Malatya Pazarı, modern teknoloji ve geleneksel üretimi başarıyla harmanlayarak zengin kuruyemiş ve kuru meyve çeşitlerini tüketicilerinin beğenisine sunan ülkemizin sektördeki önde gelen firmaları arasında yer almaktadır. Üretici seçiminde hassas, çevreye ve insana karşı son derece duyarlı, hammadde seçiminde ise insan sağlığını gözeten öncelikli yerli girdiler kullanarak ülke ekonomisine katkıda bulunan firmamız, gittikçe gelişen satış, pazarlama ve dağıtım ağı ile geleneksel lezzetlerini yerli ve yabancı tüketiciler ile buluşturmaya devam etmektedir. Hedefimiz, üstün kalite, lezzet ve doğallıktan ödün vermeyen üstün hizmet anlayışımızı nesiller boyunca kalıcı şekilde sürdürmektir.

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