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SMS TORK started to serve in its sector in 1985 with the TORK brand.

It is the first domestic manufacturer of solenoid valves, pneumatic actuators, pneumatic piston valves, pulse valves and electric actuators in our country. Today, TORK brand products are preferred in 87 countries.

TORK, which manufactures in its facilities established on an indoor area of 17,000 square meters in the IMES Organized Industrial Zone in Dilovası, produces solutions to its customers with 100% domestic products that it designs and manufactures in our country with its R&D team. TORQUE, but also GHM HONSBERG, Martens, TECFLUID, Aflowt, TECSIS, Graising is, Beck and flow of the Power Genex as industry pioneer measure of control firm, pressure, level, weight, temperature, pH, also of analyzer products is the representative in Turkey.

The team aims to increase the TORQUE a global brand in the field of fluid control technology from Turkey is continuing its work in this area with great excitement. Our company has the first in Turkey to achieve his aims, they gave all customers to thank for their contribution to our company in this journey. We have been trying to make a difference with our customers since 1985.

1985 It was established in Karaköy Necatibey Street. 1998 First export 2002 ISO9001 certificate was obtained. 2003 CE certificate was obtained. 2005 Participating in the first international fair. 2006 External image and interior design revisions and changes were made in the product range. 2007 It produced the solenoid valve, coil, shell and core group for the first time in our country with its own design and cooperation with the university. It produced natural gas solenoid valve, manual reset and regulator for the first time. It produced actuators and limit switch boxes for the first time. With the 2012 ERP, corporate integrated management system was adopted. Gebze IMES OSB moved to its new factory. 2013 ATEX certificate was obtained. TS 16949 certificate, EAC certificate, RosH certificate was obtained. 2014 Produced cooling solenoid valves for the first time in our country. ATEX certified limit switch box was produced for the first time. ATEX certified metal body gas alarm device was produced. 2015 Produced electric actuators for the first time in our country. It produced ATEX certified actuator, solenoid valve, switch box, gas alarm device control panel for the first time in our country. For the first time, it developed the technology to control the product range products produced with wireless in industrial automation systems. It produced proportional solenoid valves in our country for the first time. It produced the first 88% energy-saving coil system. It produced a time relay for solenoid valve control for the first time in our country. It produced the first Hygienic Food Actuator in our country. Brand face has been renewed. 2016 Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator was manufactured for the first time in our country. Heavy Duty Pneumatic Actuators were manufactured for the first time in our country. Solenoid valves for cryogenic gases were produced for the first time in our country. We became the first company in its sector to obtain NSF, which is a food grade product manufacturing certificate. OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety certificate was obtained. ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems certificate was obtained. A complete facility assembly and commissioning unit was established in measurement-control systems. 2017 SIL certificate was obtained. Production processes of our factory were modernized. Our electric actuator has been developed with R&D studies. Portable production of actuator control panel in accordance with 2018 E.4.0 was realized. It was exhibited at the WIN 2018 Automation fair. Gas over oil control system studies were initiated.


In our industry; To be among the top 8 reputable and global brands preferred in 100 countries by 2030.


As SMS-TORK, about the control of fluids in our industry; making a difference in quality, reliability and innovation; To be a pioneering company that solves the problems of its customers and the sector with its solution-oriented services.


Reliability, Quality, Innovation.


Reaching the level of corporate governance that will bring customer satisfaction to the highest level Management according to numerical and comparative annual targets in which ERP and CRM are used To maximize efficiency with internal audit and independent external audit Establish a working order with a lean production system Compete with competitors within ethical rules A world brand for our country Employing the company employees with the principle of equality, competence and corporate development HR system and management Keeping the interests of the country ahead of the company's interests Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level Creating a quality and sustainable supplier chain





Location: İSTANBUL

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About The Company

SMS TORK, 1985 yılında TORK markası ile sektöründe hizmet vermeye başlamıştır. Ülkemizde ilk yerli solenoid vana, pnömatik aktüatör, pnömatik pistonlu vana, patlaç valf ve elektrikli aktüatör imalatçısıdır. Bugün 87 ülkede TORK marka ürünler tercih edilmektedir. İmalatını Dilovası’ndaki İMES Organize Sanayi Bölgesinde, 17.000 metrekarelik kapalı alan üzerine kurulu tesislerinde gerçekleştiren TORK, bünyesinde bulunan Ar-Ge ekibi ile ülkemizde tasarımını ve üretimini gerçekleştirdiği, 0 yerli ürünler ile müşterilerine çözümler üretmektedir.

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