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1) The machine is equipped with automatic loader and proportional valve to evaluate the material used once. 2) The material used does not go through the drying procedure for the second time and does not change color. Environmental cleanliness and being economical is the advantage of direct feeding.

Features / Specifications
Model / Model Motor Power Motor Power Material Entry Material Injet Max Recycling Capacity Max Recyling Capacity Machine Dimensions Machine Dimensions Net Weight Net Weight
PCE 180 1.1 kw 180mm x 220 mm 100 (g) / 10 (s) 850mmx580mmx620mm 100 kg
PCE 240 1.5 kw 214 mm x 240 mm 200 (g) / 10 (s) 940mmx580mmx620mm 150 kg
PCE 300 2.2 kw 260 mm x 300 mm 250 (g) / 10 (s) 1450mmx600mmx700mm 220 kg

Get to know us

Our company has been a leading manufacturer in Turkey in plastic injection molding machines and auxiliary machinery equipment. In this period of time, it has offered the newest, most efficient and most appropriate solutions to customer demands, and has made it a principle to transfer its knowledge and experience in the plastic sector with its after-sales service and training. Due to today's conditions, the production of plastic products is followed by our company in parallel with the developing technological developments. Accordingly, our company has been serving our valued customers since 2003 by taking the representation of machines such as Plastic Injection Machine, Plastic Crushing Machine, Vertical Injection Machine, Pet Blow Molding Machine, Dryer, Cooler, Heater, Magnet, Dye Doser.


Karadağ Plastik Makina San.Tic.Ltd.Şti

Location: Istanbul / TURKEY

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About The Company



KARADAG PLASMAK  to the customer demands, adopted transfer its information and experience in the plastic sector with after-sale service and education, as principle. In the current conditions, development of technology and manufacturing of plastic goods are followed by our company. 

 For this reason, innovation is the most important point of our company. Consequently, our company provides service to you dear customers with its product range which is increasing each day since 2003.

 We made our major export countries include Saudi Arabia, Macedonia, Algeria, Egypt, Palestine, Libya, Iraq, Romania, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and Jordan.

 Our quality management system which is established in order to ensure the efficient, productive and customer oriented work of all administrative and production functions, undertakes the main task to reach at total quality management aim by support of all our employees and administration. 

 Our policy is to ensure full customer and employees satisfaction, to make production with zero defect percentage.

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