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Product Description

1. Introduction


chlorine dioxide generator
1.1 CDG series Chlorine dioxide generator is a patent product developed and produced by our company. The product adopts chemical negative pressure aeration process, using sodium chlorate and hydrochloric acid as raw materials to prepare mixed disinfectant with chlorine dioxide as main and chlorine gas as auxiliary.
1.2 It can be widely used for disinfection of drinking water, swimming pool water, hospital sewage, reclaimed water and oilfield water injection; sterilization and algae killing of industrial circulating cooling water; decolorization, deodorization or removal of reducing pollution components of wastewater.
1.3 Chlorine dioxide generator adopts intelligent single chip microcomputer or PLC controller, with residual chlorine automatic control function.
1.4 It can indicate, set parameters and other information, and realize the encryption control of important parameters page. With standard communication interface RS485.
1.5 According to many communication protocols, it can realize remote control. Through the modification of the software, the process requirements of the system can be completed flexibly.

2. Structural features and working principle

2.1 Structure and working principle structure: the generator consists of feeding system, reaction system, absorption system, safety system and control system;
The generator shell is made of PVC.
Working principle: the sodium chlorate aqueous solution and hydrochloric acid solution are transported to the reactor by a metering pump in a certain proportion at a certain temperature and temperature
Under the condition of negative pressure, the full reaction is carried out to produce the mixed disinfection gas mainly composed of chlorine dioxide and supplemented by chlorine gas, which is absorbed by the water ejector
After fully mixing with water to form disinfectant, put it into the disinfected water body.
2.2 Function and working principle of main components
water ejector: the water ejector is a kind of air extraction component designed according to the principle of jet. When the power water passes through the water ejector, the inner part of the water ejector is closed.
Under the action of pressure difference, the external gas is sucked into the water ejector to achieve suction. The negative pressure of the reactor is formed and the steam is generated.
The formed chlorine dioxide is sucked into the water ejector, where it is fully mixed with water to form a disinfectant. In addition, the water ejector can also be used for raw materials.
metering pump: deliver raw materials to the reactor and regulate the chlorine production by adjusting the flow.
air inlet: the air passage of the equipment during operation. During installation, the air inlet shall be connected to the pipeline and connected to the outdoor, and kept in line with the air.
The atmosphere is connected. Pay attention to prevent foreign matters from entering and blocking the air inlet!
safety valve (explosion-proof port rubber plug): the safety valve is a specific pressure relief way when the equipment is not operated and operated properly. Safety valve.
After opening, conduct a comprehensive inspection to remove the fault, open the protective cover and re tighten the safety plug. electric contact pressure gauge: the electric contact pressure gauge is one of the components to protect the safe operation of the equipment, and its working principle is: when the water jetting.
When the power water pressure at the front end of the ejector is lower than the set value and the ejector can not work normally, the instrument sends a signal to the controller to control the metering.
The pump stops feeding to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.
residual chlorine on-line detector (this part is an optional part of the customer and is not within the normal configuration range of the equipment): it is an on-line detection device.
It can detect the residual chlorine value in water at any time, and output pulse or Ma signal to control the operation frequency of chlorine dioxide generator metering pump.
The yield of chlorine dioxide can be adjusted by adjusting the dosage of two kinds of raw materials.
Polishing and grinding wastewater treatment centrifuge

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RJ Dewaterintel Environment Co.,Ltd founded in 2015, it is a company dedicated to environmental pollution control industry, specializing in the full treatment of organic waste (food and kitchen waste, sludge, livestock and poultry manure, Chinese medicine, etc.) including planning, core equipment R&D, design, engineering construction EPC general contracting and operation maintenance, and the main production equipment includes screw press dehydrator, solid liquid separator, kitchen waste separator, air floatation machine, chemical dosing machine and pump etc.

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