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Product code 3225
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Granite Sheet Pan



Location: İstanbul

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About The Company

OMS was founded in 1976 to manufacture durable kitchen appliances out of stainless steel raw material. Adopted constant growth and contribution to national economy as its main principle since the day year it was founded. Within this principle, a great portion of the goods manufactured in the manufacturing facility in Istanbul is being exported all around the world. In this manner, OMS products reached beyond the nation's borders and proved its quality through successful exports to countries around the world. Currently exports to 46 different countries. Company reached over 1.850.000 pieces of annual manufacturing capacity and constantly engages in R&D studies to constantly reiterate on its products. Answering the employment needs of over 200 professionals, the company owns 18.000m2 manufacturing area with 14.000m2 being indoors. Adapting to current developments as a result of constant investments, and advanced technologies throughout its history, OMS is widely talked about in the industry with its wide product range. As of 2013, OMS continued increasing its capacity with new products added to the manufacturing line. Started manufacturing granite pot and pans as of late 2014 as well as ceramic and teflon pots alongside stainless steel kitchen appliances. With monthly manufacturing capacity of 90.000 pieces, innovative leadership is brought even further with these two new sectors. With each product we manufacture, we aim to keep customer satisfaction at highest level, efficiently manage customer feedback, remove processes that do not return any value in order to efficiently use resources and deliver on time and to create a quality management system with the goal of constant improvement.

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