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Logistic Services

Affordable, efficient ocean shipping from Turkey to all around the world.

With TradeValley,
Empower Your Business with Better Logistics

Easier & Effortless

TradeValley has a wide range of routes and shipping options for accessing a global network. Our agreements with the top freight carriers in the world give our customers the flexibility to ship when it suits them best. Through helping them decently control their steps of supply chain and making it easier and effortless, we increase the efficiency of our customers’ logistics services as they save their time and focus on their core businesses.

Sea Freight

  • Choose from multiple shipping methods and ship to anywhere across the world by FCL or LCL.

  • Get full transparency in pricing and get negotiable, updated prices.

  • Get the advantage of managing your supply chain and your shipment orders through our all-in-one platform and with our customer support.

  • Protect your goods against loss or damage while in transit with cargo insurance.

  • Let us handle your logistics needs to enable you focus on your core objective. We provide you with the following services: customs clearance, letter of credit processing (LC), certification and legalisation of documents, food and drug administration filing (FDA), advanced cargo information filing (ACI), and more

  • To enhance the quality of your supply chain management, take advantage from improved order processing capabilities, enriched visibility, automated exception management and alerts

Air Freight

TradeValley offers you air freight option with the airlines and agents for different continents and countries. With our various types of Logistics Services, our goal is to become a strategic partner for B2B clients to meet their special needs and provide high quality service

Road Freight

With Tradevalley’s Logistics Services, every client can have effective transportation models offered for each customized solutions due to many different industries and product types.

In our service model, we provide road transportation of neutral goods by trucks and trailers. Depending on the volume, weight and product type, we provide truck with sufficient pallet loading space.

Rail Freight

The global network of TradeValley is well located and qualified to assist your company in creating reliable and tailor-made domestic and cross-border delivery programs for your goods.

Our road and rail freight experts whom we work will ensure operational preeminence along with cost-effective solutions that suit your transportation time needs. TradeValley logistics services are distinguished by its high service levels and innovative methods.

High service levels and unique solutions are characteristic of TradeValley operations. Our asset-light operating approach enables us to select the right qualified logistics partners based on a variety of customer requirements with a focus on integrity, safety, security, professionalism and attention to details.

TradeValley's Road and Rail freight services, of course, can be perfectly combined with Air and Ocean freight solutions within our global network. Thus, we can offer you the best multi-optional door-to-door solutions anywhere, any time.

Smart Way Of Shipment

About Logistics Services

TradeValley Logistics services enable you to get fast quotations wherever and whenever you need them. This opportunity makes the quotation process of your order shipments remarkably fast, simple and efficient by providing transparent, real-time quotations.

Quick, Simple, Adaptable

  • We care about your time. Reach Logistics Companies in less than 30 seconds, without losing time.

  • Accessibility 24/7

  • Standard and reefer types of containers available.

  • Pricing door to door gives you more versatility

  • Simple booking process. Connect your shipping orders with just one click.

How It Works

You can get real-time, online and fast quotations, get prices and submit bookings with a few simple clicks.

Login to your account

Log into and go to “Logistics Solutions” page through Services. Choose the shipping type that you want (Sea, Road, Air, and Rail).

Fill the information

Fill in the required information and submit your order.

Make Sure

Make sure the order information is fully completed by your supplier.