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What is a Trade Show?

What is a Trade Show?

Trade shows are large-scale, global events that take place at a certain time and organized for the introduction of products or services, showing technological developments and for developing the relationship between businessmen.

Trade shows usually take place in the same expo centers within the scope of predetermined plans and at regular intervals.

Manufacturer companies who participate in international trade shows as exhibitors are supported by the government.

Trade Shows differ by genre

Horizontal Trade Shows: These are the fairs where agricultural, industrial and different consumer goods are exhibited all together.
Vertical Trade Shows: These are the fairs where products or services on a sectoral basis are exhibited depending on the target audience.
Consumer Trade Shows: These are the fairs that target all types of consumers and have the purpose of display and sale.
Integrated Trade Shows: These are the fairs including sub-branches related to the products or services along with the main product or service.
Solo Trade Shows: These are the fairs that are organized by a single country in another country.
Regional Trade Shows: These are the fairs that are organized on a regional basis and by the visitors of that particular region.
National Trade Shows: These are the fairs in which the companies from different countries except the host country's companies are not allowed to participate.
International Trade Shows: These are the fairs in which many different countries participate and where all participating companies exhibit with their own means.
Expo Organizations: Expos are the organizations where the economic, cultural and technological values of the countries are presented and which undergo about 6 months, repeated every 3 to 5 years.

Importance of Trade Shows

Importance of Trade Shows

Trade shows are of great importance for the companies to transmit their products or services to different circles. As it is usually organized on a sectoral basis, the target audience generally is specific, and companies may have the opportunity to express themselves easily to their target audience.

Under the conditions of market and competition, consumers can compare the price and quality of the same product or service. One of the most accurate ways of interacting with customers who have the independence of choosing between these alternatives is trade shows.

Participating in trade shows are of major importance as to follow the latest developments, to have a perspective about the market, to be familiar with different cultures, to take global steps and to contribute to the national economy.

Trade shows bring together numerous companies in the related sector. Thus, companies have the chance to develop high-interaction relationships both with other companies and with the consumers.

Besides, trade shows enliven the national economy where the fair is held. An economic add value exists in a large field where fair booths, food & beverage needs of visitors, accommodation, transportation and fair employees are included.

Contribution of Trade Shows to Companies

Contribution of Trade Shows to Companies

Today, the quality of a product or a service is not alone efficient to access the customer. The more the marketing and advertising operation is powerful and alternatives to advertising channels are used, the more the company succeeds. The gradual growth of physical boundaries between manufacturers and consumers increases the importance of periodical fairs which is held at a certain time of the year.

Companies who like to make physical contact with their customers and potential target market acquire this relationship and interaction through trade fairs.

What is e-Fair / Virtual Expo?

E-Fair / Virtual Expo is an online event where the exhibition of products and services of companies is realized through an online platform rather than classic trade fair centers. Companies come together on the defined online address and wait for the attendance of participants.

Benefits and Advantages of Virtual Expo:

  • There are no costs (setting up stands, accommodation, transport, catering) that classic trade fairs burden to companies.
  • There is no loss of time for company executives who attend to fair.
  • No time limitation, visitable 24/7.
What is e-Fair / Virtual Expo?

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